Zina Gimpelevich

Germanic and Slavic Studies
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1, Canada

Other Papers

Some Papers Presented at Scholarly Meetings or Conferences; (1988-2011:63 presented).
(15 more abstract-refereed papers (past 7 years) not listed due to the lack of space)

50th Jubilee of the Biełarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences, Canada (45 min. key-note at the AGM). 2 Sept, 2017.

R: (abstract). Ryhor Baradulin (1935-2014):If only Jews were here! The book of respect and friendship . May, 2017. Also: organized 3 sessions at the Congress.

Ryhor Baradulin (1935-2014): If only Jews were here! The book of respect and friendship. Forthcoming at CAS, 2017.

“Biełarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences 1957-2016.” 32nd Summit of Biełarusians of North America. September 3-5, 2016, Ottawa, Canada.

R. Invited lecture: “Selected Use of Vikonyms and Urbanonyms in Shtetls and Miastečka (s) as Reflected in Biełarusian Literature.” Vitebsk’s state University’s international conference: Regional Onomastics (Literary section). 18-19 February, 2016.

Invited lecture: “Portrayal of Litvaks (Biełarusian Jews) in Biełarusian Literature” at the Symposium: Between the Lands. From Poland to Russia via Biełaruś and Ukraine: a journey through cinema, history, literature, memory and music. School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. 23-25 June, 2016. Accepted for publication in 2017 (16 pages). Forthcoming in Proceedings. Editor: Jim Dingley.

R. (abstract). “Natalla Arsieńnieva’s Poems” Congress 2014 (CAS), Brock University. Organized and participated in a Panel Belaruś. Chaired a session.

R. (abstract). “Jews in Vićbič’s Works.” XV International Congress of Slavists (Minsk, Belarus, 20-27 August 2013). Chaired two sessions.

R. (abstract). “Natalla Arsieńnieva's poem ''Akcyja" (in Belarusian; IX Международная научная конференция «БЕЛОРУССКО-РУССКО-ПОЛЬСКОЕ СОПОСТАВИТЕЛЬНОЕ ЯЗЫКОЗНАНИЕ; Viciebsk, September 2013.

R. (abstract). “A New View on Hitler and Stalin. Timothy Snider’s The bloodlines” Ninth Annual CGG Conference. April 28th, 2011, UW.

R. (abstract). “Defiance and its Hollywood Representation.” (International Association of Belarusists, MAB) V World Congress of Belarusists May 19-22. (Quinquennial).

Re-elected Vice-President of MAB; 2010-15; organized and chaired a panel “Belarusian Jews.”

R. (abstract). “Changing a Canon: The Image of the Jew in Vasil Bykaǔ’s Military Prose.” BASEES Conference. Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. 28-30 March, 2009 (invited).

Gimpelevich, Z. CAS. “The president’s report at the AGM.” Organized and chaired a panel; 28-30 May, Montreal, 2010.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2009. “The Jews in V. Bykaŭ’s prose.”American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), Nov. 12-14; Organized a panel “Belaruś.”

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2009. CAS. Organised and participated in: Belarusian Roundtable: “Technology, Nation, Government and Material Culture: four Perspectives on Belarusian Cultural and Political Experiences”. May 23-25, Ottawa.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2008. CAS. “Janka Kupala - Belarusian Prodigy.” Saskatoon; organized and chaired Belarusian session and chaired Waterloo Grad. Student’s Panel; CAS President-elect.

N/R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2008. literary reading: excerpts from bilingual (Belarusian/English) monograph Belarusian Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century: Origin, History, and Discourse at the Inauguration of Centre of Belarusian Studies, University of Kansas, Southwestern College.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2007. American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS). November 15-18.. New Orleans. (a) Chaired: “Issues in the Twentieth Century Russian Literature”. (b) “Radio Svaboda: Media Strategies. (c ) Presented: “Valentin Anneskii-Krivich. A Biography.” (d) Participated in NAAB’s executives meeting;

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2007. “V. Bykaǔ’s Interpretation of Nationality.” IV International Conference, Vitebsk.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2007. CAS. “Paradise Lost: Belarusian Jewish Brotherhood.” Saskatoon; organized Grad. Student’s Panel; vice-president-elect.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2006. American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS). November 16-19. Washington, DC. (a) Chaired: “The 2006 Presidential Elections in Belaruś. (b) Participated in NAAB’s executives meeting.

R. (abstract). “Vasil Bykaŭ. The Wolves’ Pit: Flora and Fauna Are Not What They Used to Be in Belaruś.” Sorbonne, Paris, 2006.

R. (abstract). Vasil Bykaǔ’s latest short novels: The Wolves' Pit and Aŭhanec.” International Conference, Vitiebsk, 2006.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2006. CAS. “Legacy of Valentin Innokent’evich Annenskii-Krivich.” Toronto, (b) Organized Belarusian panel; (c) Supervised grad. students’ presentations.

R. (abstract). “Vasil Bykaŭ: My Biography Is in My Books.” (key note). Harvard University, Belarusian Symposium. Boston, 2005.

R. (abstract). Gimpelevich, Z. 2005. CAS. “Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s interpretation of Belarusians.” London. Organised the GSS’s seven students’ roundtable “Krivich’s Album: Translations.”

Zina Gimpelevich