Zina Gimpelevich

Germanic and Slavic Studies
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1, Canada

Graduate Supervision and Training

Graduate Supervision

2009-2010: M.A. Research Paper, Julia Hochweiss. “The Trauma of Chernobyl: Literary and Cultural Perspective.”  

2009-2010: M.A. thesis supervision, Elisabeth Mason. “Korovyov-Fagot as Leviathan:  A New Apocalyptic Reading of  The Master and Margarita.” 

2008:  M.A. thesis supervision, Amy Safarik. “A Literature of Conscience: Yevtushenko's Post-Stalin Poetry.”

2007: M.A. Research Paper, supervision, Jeanette Rohr. “Dostoevsky, The Double.

2006:  M.A. thesis supervision,   Iryna Pavlova. “Zinaida Gippius' The Petersburg Diary as a Literary Genre.” 

2006:  M.A. thesis supervision, Nino Amiranashvili. “Boris Pasternak and Georgia.”

2005:  M.A. thesis supervision, Brock Stimson. “Russian Dystopia: Evgenii Zamiatin's We.”  

2004: M.A. thesis supervision, Natalie Rau-Hassani. “Women’s Issues from Domostroi to 1980s: Russian Women Writers in the 1960s -1980s.” 

2002: M.A. thesis supervision, Nathan Saliwonchyk.. “Vasilii Rozanov and the Last Riches of Russian Realism.” 

2002: M.A. thesis supervision, Elena Apostolova-Ross.. “Objectivity in A.P. Chekhov’s Short Stories.” 

2001: M.A. thesis supervision, James Winsor. “Vladimir Voinovich and Post-Soviet Satire.”   

2001: M.A. thesis supervision, Heather Smith. “Victor Pelevin and Russian Post-Modernism.”

2000: M.A. thesis supervision, Anita Wuchrer. “Analysis of  Modern Russian Internet Literature at the Eve of the 21st century.”

2000: M.A. Research Paper, supervision, Marc Tessier. “A Hero’s Representation in East Slavic Folklore.”

1999: M.A. Research Paper, supervision, Svitlana Belitska. “Bulat Okudzava’s Lyricism.”

1998-2000: M.A. thesis supervision, Shona Greenslade. “The Fantastic in Sir Walter Scott’s The Monastery and Fedor Sologub’s The Petty Demon.”

1997-1998: M.A. thesis supervision, Olga Uchitel. “M. Zoshchenko’s Short Stories of the 1920s: The Narrator as an Agent of Morality.”

1997-1998: M.A. thesis supervision, Susanne Rockel. “Love as a Symbol in V. Brisov’s The Fiery Angel.”

1993-1994: M.A. thesis supervision, Greta Matevossian. “The Evolution of the Russian Intelligentsia in V. Aksenov’s Work.”

1994: M.A. Research Paper, supervision, Liuda Duek, “M. Bulgakov.”

Served as the Reader of close to forty MA dissertations and the  member of the MA and PhD defense committees.  

Contributions to Training

Z. Gimpelevich has continually employed MA students from the Slavic Studies program from every grant she got during her time at Waterloo, including earnings from Plekhanov academy (Moscow), UW/SSHRC Grants, and SSHRC Grant “Krivich’s Treasure Chest,” 2005 (lasted 2005-2009). The students helped to decode some of the material: everything was handwritten, mostly in the old style of Russian writing. Students transcribed, translated, and copy-edited some of the entries. Students also attended seven conferences with papers based on the Krivich’s Album. Also, two students were employed for production of each of the following monographs: Belarusian Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century: Origin, History, and Discourse. (Bilingual monograph: Belarusian/English). Southwestern CollegeAcademic Press, 2010; Vasil Bykaŭ: His Life and Works. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s Press, 2005. Students  also helped with some bibliographical entries and typing.

• 1999-2010 Panel Chair for Ontario Graduate Scholarships – PhD -& MA applications.

• 2009-11  Chaired eleven PhD committees across the campus.

• Zina Gimpelevich initiated and coordinated the on-line Distance Education model for educational purposes with the Learning through Technology Centre (LT3) at the University of Waterloo.  As an outcome of this initiative with the LT3 Centre, the project development of models for educational programs has been used at that time for most Arts departments at the University of Waterloo.

• Summer 2003: Wrote 123 pages of a culture course for Distance Education: Modernism, Silver Age.

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Zina Gimpelevich:students
Zina Gimpelevich:students