Zina Gimpelevich

Germanic and Slavic Studies
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1, Canada

Employment and Services

Employment History (in Canada)

Sept.1 - 2012 Emeritus Professor, University of Waterloo
2007-2012 Professor, University of Waterloo
1996-2007 Associate Professor, Germanic & Slavic Studies, University of Waterloo
1995 Tenure, Germanic & Slavic Studies, University of Waterloo
1993-1995  Assistant Professor, 2nd probationary term, Germanic & Slavic Studies, UW
1990-1993  Assistant Professor, probationary term, Germanic & Slavic Studies, UW
1987-1990 Part-time Russian language Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Ottawa. 
1980-1990 Department of External Affairs, Canada
Supervisor:  Ms. Luce Duval
During this period Z. Gimpelevich taught Russian language and culture His Excellency, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.S.R. Mr. Peter Roberts; the Canadian trade representatives, Minister-Councillor of the Canadian Embassy in Moscow, Mr. François Mathys; Chargé d’affaires to the U.S.S.R., Mr. Fernand Tanguay, Chargé d’affaires to Russia, Mr. John Di Gangi, and many others.

1983-1984 Instructor of Russian language and culture for His Excellency, the Honourable   Governor General of Canada, Edward R. Schreyer, Z. Gimpelevich was appointed to teach the family of the Governor General by the Dept. of External Affairs, Canada.  

Other Employment

1981-1986 Teaching Assistant, University of Ottawa.  Work duties:  Russian language instructor for levels 1 and 2; Conversational Russian language levels 2 and 3.
Summer 1983 Wrote and broadcast:  “The National Art Gallery” for the C.B.C. Radio Canada International, Russian Department, and some other programmes.
1980-1981  Russian language teacher, Chekhov Society of Ottawa
1977-1979   Lecturer in methodology of teaching, Pedagogical University, Minsk, USSR
1971-1979  High school teacher of Russian language, literature and music, Minsk, USSR
1971-1977  Freelance writer for Belarusan T.V., Minsk

Some other International and National Service

1989-2004 - A founding member and the Vice-President of the Canadian Relief Fund for Children of Chernobyl in Belarus. Duties include: 1) bringing to Canada, for the period of 8 years, more than 3000 children for recuperation; 2) raising funds for medical supplies and bringing doctors and nurses for training in Canadian hospitals; 3) delivering of medical supplies to Belarus', June 1994

Gave lectures at the Byelorussian Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, topic: "Canadian Relief Fund, its aims and aspirations", June 22, 1994.

Foreign observer at the Belarusian elections of the first President: The Helsinki Human Rights Group, June 1994.

Ccommunity Service

  • Interview: June 2010: Interviewed by Belarusian TV, Minsk
  • Gave an interview to the newspaper Holas Radzimy (The voice of Motherland), 2010. Published in Litaratura i mastactva, (LIM ) #21, 28 May, 2010.
  • Regular interviews to the radio station Liberty(in Prague), 2001- 2010. Latest is Sept. 5, 2010. Holas Radzimy(The voice of Motherland), 2004. A short version, 2 pages, is at http://belarus21.by/gazeta/article_browse.php?id=1517; the longer version has been published in the yearly almanac, Academy of Science.
  • CAS. Organized: 1. Art Show Celebration: Canadian Slavists of Slavic Origin. 22 May 22-1 June, 2009. 28 artists enjoyed a tremendous success; 2. Yavarovy Ludzi (Belarusian folk group) and Duet Cantabile (classical music). May 24. This performance for close to 400 Congresss delegates became a great event and celebration of Canadian Belarusian arts. Congress of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2009. Carleton University, Ottawa.
  • Belarusian American Association. Belarusian Canadian Alliance. 29th Biennial Convention of Belarusians of North Americans. September 4-5th, 2010. Welcoming remarks on behalf of BINiM (Belarusian Institute of Science and Arts, Canada). Presented my book Belarusian Jewish Writers of the 20th Century (30 min). Gave a short interview to S. Shupa, Radio Liberty.
  • Welcoming remarks for 28th Belarusian Convention in Cleveland, US. August, 2008
  • No Time for Prayers When the House Is on Fire: Janka Kupalas Zydy Kupa?a-Ko?as conference organized under the auspices of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London] Oct. 28-Nov. 1; 2009; chaired a panel; gave a lecture for Anglo-Belarusian society.
  • The Power of an Individual: What Can I do to Preserve Belarusian Cultural and Historical Heritage Chaired a round table at the 26th Convention of Belarusans in North America, 2004, Toronto.
  • Smerci niama (Death is no more). Gave a paper; Showed a movie Vasil Bykau: Return (in Belarusian) and gave comments to an audience of more than a hundred at the 26th Convention of Belarusians in North America. September 5, 2004, Toronto. The Power of an Individual: What Can I do to Preserve Belarusian Cultural and Historical Heritage. Chaired a round table at the 26th Convention of Belarusians in North America, 2004, Toronto.


14 lectures for Belarusian community, Toronto.

1 October 2003 Lecture at Fairview Mennonite Centre: Canadian Relief Fund for Victims of Chernobyl in Belarus

9 December 1997 Gave a presentation to the Kitchener-Waterloo Area Rotary Club on the topic: The Organization of the Canadian Relief Fund for Victims of Chernobyl.

Zina Gimpelevich