Zina Gimpelevich

Germanic and Slavic Studies
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1, Canada


Books: (Single-Authored)

R. Gimpelevich, Z. The Portrayal of Jews in Modern Biełarusian literature is submitted for publication. The monograph (over 500 pp. +index, bibliography, and illustrations) is based on a unique history of Biełarusian literature in relation to a common livelihood of Christian and Jewish neighbours. Forthcoming in 2018.

Gimpelevich, Z. Valentin Innokent’evich Annenskii-Krivich: Literary Album with foreword and comments. (St. Petersburg: Silver Age Press, 2012).

R. Gimpelevich, Z.Vasil Bykaŭ: Books and Fate. Moscow: NLO, 2011 (Russian).

R. Gimpelevich, Z. Belarusian Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century: Origin, History, and Discourse. Winfield: Southwestern College Academic Press, 2010 (Belarusian/English).Click to see some reviews of experts.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. Vasil Bykaŭ: His Life and Works Montreal: McGill-Queen’s Press, 2005 (English).Click to see some reviews of experts.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. What M. (millennium) is Out There? Ottawa: Legas, 1991 (English). Click to see some reviews of experts.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. Intelligent v romanakh Doktor Zhivago i Master i Margarita (The Intelligentsia in the Novels Doctor Zhivago and The Master and Margarita) Orange, CT: Antiquary, 1988 (Russian).Click to see some reviews of experts.

N/R:Gimpelevich, Z., Karpiak, R., Szarycz I. Basic Russian for Business. Textbook (230 pp.) for DE students. University of Waterloo, 1999-2000.

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Book Chapters:

Memoir: Dzmitry Kaminski (1906-1989): His Life and Music. .Accepted for publication in academic almanac Zapisy , BINiM USA." New York-Miensk, Fall issue № 39, 2017. 50 pp. (in Biełarusian). Memoirs are also available in Russian.

«Innokenti Fedorovitch Annenski et Valentin Innokentevitch Annenski-Krivitch, ‘poète lui-même et fils de poète’» in PÈRES ET FILS. Rapports intergénérationnels dans les dynasties d’écrivains et d’artistes. Études réunies et présentées par Rodolphe Baudin et Olga Kafanova. (Clermont Ferrand : CeLiS, 2012) 315-328.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Thus Spoke the Belarusian Prodigy: No Time for Prayers When the House Is on Fire: Janka Kupała’s Žydy.” Białystok: Villa Sokrates, 2011, pp. 245-61.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s interpretation of Belarusian Nation: From: How Should We Organize Russia to 200 Years Together.” Minsk: Limaryus, 2010, 57-62

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Overcoming the Odds: Interview with Vasil Bykaŭ, 2001” in Iryna Dubianieckaja, Arnold McMillin and Hienadz Sahanovich (eds), Your Sun Shall Never Set Again, And Your Moon Shall Wane No More, Minsk: Technalohija, 2009/10, 153-162

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “We and I in Zamiatin’s We and Rand’s Anthem.” Edited by Jelena Krstovic in Short Story Criticism, Vol. 116 (SSC-116). NJ: The Cengage Learningé-Gale Group, 2008.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Literature Will Prevail.” Belaruś and Belarusians in Time and Space (in Belarusian). Minsk: Limaryus, 2007. 349-354.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Cases of Schizophrenia in The Master and Margarita,” Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 159 (TCLC-159), NJ: The Gale Group, 2005.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Death is no more.” Naš Bykaŭ (Our Bykaŭ). (in Belarusian). Minsk: Kniha, 2004, 368-375.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Vasil Bykau’s Sciuzha [The Chill]: A Chronicle of Belarusan Peasants’ Sufferings,” Henn-Memmesheimer, Beate and David G. John, eds. Cultural Link: Kanada-Deutschland. Festschrift zum dreißigjährigen Bestehen eines akademischen Austauschs. St. Ingbert: Röhrig Universitätsverlag, 2003. 161-175.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Uladzimir Karatkevich i jago tvorchasc’u eurapeiskim kul’turnym kanteks’ce” (in Belarusian: Uladzimir Karatkevich and his works in European context)“ Belarusika: Minsk 2000, pp. 233-241.

R. Gimpelevich, Z. “Jurka Vićbič: Did He Change His Heart? To be submitted for consideration to the Canadian Slavonic Papers in January 21, 2012 (28 pp, double space). Deadline for submission is July 2013. If accepted, it will be published in a special issue of CSP which will include articles of Canadian contributors to International Congress of Slavists, 2013, Minsk (Quinquennial). My paper’s tentative title is “Jews in Vicbich’s Works.”


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